Down South, rock band from Denmark performing the latest release, 'Woman' by American Road Radio

 We are Down South, an unsigned band from Denmark .

We're playing Rock.

And on the home front, Down South has already convinced the domestic rock audience, with their uncompromising live performances and in-your-face attitude, that could ignite the hall and invite to an evocative party.

In 2020, creativity gained new life. And Søren has assembled a new constellation that is still unnamed.

The new constellation counts experienced names such as Anders Kjølholm, formerly Volbeat, on bass.

Søren Stubban-Hansen guitar and Palle Kølln on drums.

The expectations are to be able to present a once hard-hitting rock realism in 2021 - where furious guitar riffs, heavy bass and an energetic vocal will characterize their sound.

But so far, you have to "settle" with the EP from Down South, where especially our single "Woman" is having a lot of Airplay.

1. Ordinary Man

2. Woman

3. Black Gold (Explicit Content)

4. Soft Lips Hot Hips


Down South,rock band from Denmark

Down South,rock band from Denmark

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